About This Game: Angry fairies, a kidnapped herd of cows and a devastated cow queen. Play as Vilde and Grusa, throw Ms. Cowknight and solve the fairies’ tricky puzzles to save the kidnapped cows. Hyss is a lighthearted puzzle adventure with focus on platforming, puzzle solving and throwing cows.


  • Cow Throwing! Throw Ms. Cowknight and use her in different ways to solve the puzzles.
  • Dual Character Gameplay. Carry Vilde on Grusas shoulders, or switch between the two to reach various areas and solve different tasks.
  • Solve Puzzles. Make your way through an enchanting Swedish forest by using teleportation stumps, fairy rings and much more.
  • Hidden treasure. Vilde’s secret treasures have been scattered across the levels. Find them to unlock new funny features.
  • Different Environments. Experience a number of different environments, from lush forests to eerie caves.
  • Controller Support. Play with a handheld controller or mouse and keyboard.
  • Original Music. New original tracks on every level.

Release Name: Hyss-CODEX
Size: 987 MB
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Sunscale Studios
Publisher: Sunscale Studios


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