MasterChef The Professionals S11E14 720p HDTV x264-QPEL


Knockout week continues on MasterChef: The Professionals. Chef Monica Galetti and Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing scrutinise the chefs’ every move in their bid to uncover the professional chef to crown culinary superstar of 2018. Only ten outstanding chefs remain in the competition and they have been split into two groups of five. Tonight the first group are set two daunting challenges by Monica and Marcus, which test them further than any previous round. For the first time, the professionals must show they can work together as a team to create a three-course fine-dining menu for special guests at Trinity House, a maritime charity that boasts over 500 years of service to sea farers, and an exclusive London residence. Trinity House has regularly hosted royals, prime ministers and admirality so the chefs have to strive to cook something spectacular.

Having proved themselves as individual chefs in the competition so far, this is a chance for the judges to watch first hand how the chefs work in a team. Who will shine through as a true creative? Who will step up in a leadership role, helping the team realise their collective creative vision? Will anyone crumble under the real time pressure of playing as a team? The chefs have two and a half hours to design and cook three exceptional courses for the deputy master Ian McNaught and his five VIP guests, which include a former mayor of London and powerboat champion Shelly Jory Leigh. The dining menu must live up to their expectations and please the palate of these highflyers of the high seas.

Finally, the five chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen where they face the judges as individuals once more. They put their new-found loyalties behind them when they are once again pitted against each other for a place in the semi-finals. The chefs have 90 minutes to create a dish that is exceptional enough to jettison them into the penultimate week – the best they have cooked so far, in this make-or-break round. The smallest slip could cost them their place in the competition and the stakes are high. Once Marcus, Monica and Gregg have tasted the show-stopping dishes, they will decide which four chefs will make it to the semi-finals and which chef will have to face the hard road home.

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WWE NXT UK 2018.12.05 WEB h264-HEEL


NXT UK is a United Kingdom-based professional wrestling brand of WWE.

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Bargain Mansions S02E03-E04 WEBRip x264-CAFFEiNE


Season 02, Episode 03 – “All About the Island”
Tamara Day overhauls a large 1905 Colonial with seven sun porches!

Season 02, Episode 04 – “A Closet Fit for a Queen”
Tamara creates a 900-square-foot master suite in a 1905 Colonial.

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A Place In The Sun Winter Sun S07E49 HDTV x264-GTi


Susie and John met on a dancing holiday in Spain three years ago. Having both taken a career break to travel and now find the perfect holiday home, they have chosen the area around Estepona on the Costa del Sol. With a long list of requirements and a budget of £100,000 it’s a tough search. Will any of the five properties Jean Johansson has lined up be the perfect place?

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Defenders UK S01E07-E08 720p HDTV X264-DEADPOOL


Season 01, Episode 07
The team investigate the death of a car wash worker and are shocked by the conditions he had been living in.

Season 01, Episode 08
The defenders investigate the tragic death of a Red Arrows pilot, and they smash a puppy-smuggling operation. A supermarket is fined £8 million after a massive fuel leak at one of its petrol stations has a devastating impact on the local community and environment.

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UKS Strongest Man S01E04 HDTV x264-SnG


The Ultimate Strongman Masters World Championship. Dan Lobb presents action from day one of the event at Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast, where four-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas returned to defend this title alongside past champions Mark Felix and Vytautas Blekaitis and newcomer Ken McLellan. With commentary by David Harmon.

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Guys Grocery Games S19E10 WEBRip x264-CAFFEiNE


Season 19, Episode 10 – “GGG Winners’ Holiday Extravaganza”
Four previous GGG winners are back for the holidays to take on more of Guy Fieri’s games. First, the chefs must shop for ingredients using nothing but oversize stockings. Then, they’re each given a gingerbread house that they must flip into a fine dining holiday dinner. When the snow settles, only one chef will get to taste Flavortown victory again and shop its aisles for up to $20,000.

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