Paul OGrady For the Love of Dogs S08E06-E07 WEB x264-TVC


Season 08, Episode 06
This week, Paul O’Grady helps to train a pomeranian puppy called Stormy who has landed in Battersea at only 9 weeks old, which is a crucial stage in a dog’s development. He also meets a french bulldog called Spudnik who desperately needs surgery to open his airways but he refuses to go under anaesthetic. Paul and the team need to get him used to being handled so he can have his operation and get a new home.

Season 08, Episode 07
Paul O’Grady meets a 10-week-old gender-neutral collie who’s been rejected by their mother. He also helps to find a home for a mongrel called Hope who’s been at Battersea for over 300 days and is struggling to catch the eye of a new owner. Plus, Paul’s got his work cut out when a family of nine whippets arrive on site, including some three-week-old puppies in need of some O’Grady cuddles.


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