Songs of Praise Katherine Jenkins Faith Journey 2018 WEB h264-TVC


Singer Katherine Jenkins OBE, 38, warmly remembers her days as a choirgirl in St David’s Church in Neath. She credits the church with starting her music career and teaching her about the Christian faith. For Songs of Praise she’s visiting this special place once again, along with her mum Susan, where they share a deep and poignant moment which had a profound Christian impact on them both. Tragic circumstances had caused Katherine to lose her faith. Her dad had died suddenly from cancer when she was only 15, and for many years this affected her willingness to believe in God. With her mum, she recalls: “I think after Dad died and moving to London … I think I stopped believing for a bit. I think I was really angry at God for taking Dad away, and so I didn’t really know how to feel about everything. And then I remember being in Australia and, do you remember, you called me and you told me a story that you were in the church on your own.”

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