The Beans of Egypt, Maine 1994 DVDRip x264


Storyline: The Beans are poor, proud, hated by all, but alive in the sense that they struggle against their lot and support each other in time of…

Genre: N/A

iMDB Rating: 5.2 / 10 From 244 people voted

Director: Jennifer Warren

Stars: Martha Plimpton, Kelly Lynch, Rutger Hauer, Patrick McGaw, Richard Sanders, Lance Robinson, Rae Adams, Ariana Lamon-Anderson, Michael MacRae, James Gervasi, Sue Ann Gilfillan, Susanna Burney, Marjorie Nelson, Jim Chiros, Todd Moore


Release Name: The.Beans.of.Egypt,.Maine.1994.DVDRip.x264
Size: 1.47 GB


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