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Season 01, Episode 07 – “Get Yourself a Truck”
With Sweden behind them, the team is finally in a rhythm. Brian and Ken, having completely ignored and moved past the arguments of Los Angeles, arrive in Texas with a mission – to ensure they throw dirt and smoke in the air of this sleepy Texas town. Shamrock, Texas is known for its world famous Conoco Tower – an icon depicted in all three of Pixar’s Cars films. The town is the inspiration for Radiator Springs – a tiny town once famous as a Route 66 stopover now all but fallen off the map if it wasn’t for the animated franchise. The arrival of the Hoonigan crew …

Season 01, Episode 08 – “Where It All Began”
A long time ago, before Ken was a factory driver, before he was racing for world championships, he was a rookie known for a few national wins but completely unproven on the world stage. Ken, and the Monster World Rally team (as it was known back then) knew they needed to test their skills on the highest level, and so they arrived for the first time ever in 2007 at the World Rally Championship in Guanajuato, Mexico. An extremely successful first race here at Guanajuato legitimized Ken as a world level driver, and paved the way for the last decade of racing and viral …

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