The Secret Life of the Zoo S06E07 HDTV x264-TVC


It’s mating season at Chester Zoo. And it’s essential that the zoo can successfully breed critically-endangered species to ensure their future survival. Beautiful six-year-old okapi K’Tusha is nearing the end of her first pregnancy. The keepers hope that her first baby will help to conserve this highly-endangered species. Eurasian black vultures Ethel and Eric have been at Chester for two years but haven’t mated. They don’t seem keen on each other and may have to be separated. Will absence make the heart grow fonder? Tortoises Burt and Terrance have been best mates for more than 70 years since they were born in Madagascar. But they become rivals in love when they pursue breeding female Smooth Sides. Their slo-mo battle means fast-rising stress for the whole community. And Asian elephant bull Aung-Bo senses that the three-day window for mating is about to begin. And his son, Aayu, starts to learn from his father.

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