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Presented by Australian historian Sir Christopher Clark, this ground-breaking series tells the story of Europe in six episodes exploring different chapters of its eventful history. It’s a journey through time and across space, from physical beginnings to the first human settlers, the evolution of European culture and religion, historical achievements in exploration, technology and politics, and a daring look at the continent’s present and future. Europe has been at the heart of world events for thousands of years and laid the foundations for much of modern society worldwide, while its perpetually fluctuating landscapes, climate, fauna and flora have shaped its own story. The series explores different aspects of the continent’s remarkable history, always set against the bigger picture. Stunning photography, pertinent questions and surprising insights paint a mesmerising portrait of the continent.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Origins and Identity”
Where and when does the history of Europe begin? The traces lead to ancient Greece, more precisely to Crete: Here we not only found the first high culture of the continent, but also the founding myth, to which it owes its name: the kidnapping of the Phoenician princess Europa by the Greek god Zeus.

Season 01, Episode 02 – “Beliefs and Ideas”
Europe has seen Christianity as central to its Western identity. While true, many beliefs and ideas shaping Europe, including Christianity, originate in the Middle East. Long before the birth of Jesus, Judaism spreads across the Roman empire; Muslim Moors dominate the Iberian Peninsula.

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【MKV | AAC VBR | 583MB】

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