The Teahouse of the August Moon 1956 DVDRip X264 Ac3 SNAKE


Storyline: This comedy-drama is partially a gentle satire on America’s drive to change the world in the post-war years. One year after World War II, Captain Fisby is sent to the village of Tobiki in Okinawa to teach the people democracy. The first step is to build a school — but the wily Okinawans know what they really want. They tell him about their culture and traditions — and persuade him to build somet…

Genre: Comedy, Drama

iMDB Rating: 6.8/10 From 2,963

Director: Daniel Mann

Stars: Marlon Brando, Glenn Ford, Machiko Kyô


Release Name: The.Teahouse.of.the.August.Moon.1956.DVDRip.X264.Ac3.SNAKE
Size: 2.02 GB

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