Vic and Bobs Big Night Out S01E02 WEB x264-TVC


Season 01, Episode 02
Vic debuts his new act for the Royal Variety Performance much to Bob’s amazement and the pair of them embark on a ghost hunting experience in a disused toilet.
Fans will be delighted to see the return of folk singing oddballs Mulligan and O’Hare with the classic ditty My Darling Rose and there is a sketch warning of the dangers of wayward fireballs.
There is also an exclusive preview of a new album from Andrew Neil and Professor Robert Winston, as you’ve never seen them before.
Will Vic be able to fool Bob into thinking he is really part otter and part human – and in desperate need of a toffee crisp to eat before he slips back to the riverbank?
Ending with their uplifting song You Can Do It, you can certainly expect the unexpected from start to finish with Vic & Bob’s unique blend of ingenuity and humour bursting out at the seams.

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